FAQ: – Fusion Gyms



Question: What hours are you open?

Answer: All locations are currently staffed 24/7!


Question: Do you have contracts?

Answer: All memberships are month-to-month. You can cancel anytime if our services don't meet your expectations. 


Question: How much is a Day Pass?

Answer: Day Passes are $29.00. This pass will grant you access to all of our locations until midnight of the day the pass was purchased. Passes can only be purchased directly from our website


Question: Can I bring a guest with me to workout?

Answer: We offer a membership tier called the 'Phoenix Membership' at a rate of $120/mo you are able to bring a guest with you every visit. 


Question: Where will the next 'Fusion Gyms' be?

Answer: Follow along on both our Instagram and YouTube to be constantly updated as new information releases. 


Question: When is the next open house?

Answer: Follow our Instagram to be constantly updated for our open houses. 


Question: What does my membership include?

Answer: Your membership will come with 24/7 access to all of our current locations. 


Question: Do you offer personal training?

Answer: Yes! We house multiple trainers at all of our locations. Your membership includes a complimentary assessment with any trainer, to help you decide how you want to pursue your fitness goals. Ask the front desk for more information!